Victoria BC Weather

Victoria BC Weather

Vancouver Island is the largest of the islands belonging to Canada in the Pacific Ocean. Resorts, beautiful nature, ocean surf and plenty of attractions – all this is a reason why tourists travel here.

Many tourists rightly consider that the most comfortable and beautiful city of Canada is the capital of British Columbia, Victoria.

Very often it is called Garden City. In early spring, when in many provinces of Canada it still snows, in Victoria you can find blooming violets, which carpet colourful lush gardens and parks of the city, and detect the scent of blooming daffodils and hyacinths in air. The Victoria BC weather forecast pleases residents and guests of the city the whole year round.

The fact that spring comes here ‘too early’ is driven by its mild climate, which is similar to the Mediterranean. The city is located in the south-east of Vancouver Island and separated from the mainland by the deep Georgia Strait. Vancouver Island is bordered by the Pacific Ocean on one side, and it’s protected from wind by the Rockies on the other side.

The climate on the island is very comfortable for human habitation.

In the winter there is no snow on the streets and parks of the city because the temperature almost never drops below zero, and in the summer there is no debilitating heat as the temperature does not exceed 20-25° C, and graceful buildings in Victoria are hidden in luxuriant greenery and flowers.

Victoria is the southernmost city in western Canada. In the summer there is practically no rain, the most rainy seasons are autumn and winter, which accounts for two-thirds of the 608 mm annual rainfall. Due to the mild and pleasant climate you can visit Victoria at any time of the year.

If you are going to visit this magnificent city, it’s worth checking the Victoria BC weather 10 day forecast. But even without the weather forecast for Victoria BC we can say that the best time to travel to Victoria is, of course, spring, summer and autumn, when there is an opportunity to fully appreciate the amazing landscape of the city. In late autumn and winter in this picturesque area higher rainfall drops, which prevents unhurried hiking. The winter weather limits the ability to go down to the ocean floor to observe marine life.

Weather forecast Victoria BC:

The average monthly temperature in Victoria BC

December – day 7° C, night 1° C
January – day 7° C, night 1° C
February – day 8° C, night 1° C
March – day 11° C, night 2° C
April – day 13° C, night 4° C
May – day 17° C, night 7° C
June – day 19° C, night 9° C
July – day 22° C, night 11° C
August – day 22° C, night 11° C
September – day 19° C, night 8° C
October – day 14° C, night 5° C
November – day 10° C, night 3° C

The average monthly rainfall in Victoria BC

December – 151 mm
January – 137 mm
February – 108 mm
March – 78 mm
April – 45 mm
May – 37 mm
June – 32 mm
July – 20 mm
August – 24 mm
September – 30 mm
October – 76 mm
November – 147 mm


The average number of rainy days in Victoria BC

December – 19
January – 18
February – 16
March – 16
April – 13
May – 12
June – 10
July – 6
August – 6
September – 7
October – 13
November – 19

The average monthly water temperature Victoria BC

December – 10° C
January – 9° C
February – 8° C
March – 10° C
April – 10° C
May – 12° C
June – 15° C
July – 16° C
August –17° C
September – 15° C
October – 13° C
November – 11° C



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