Weather in Majorca in March

Weather in Majorca in March

In March, Mallorca island is ready to please the tourists with warm sunshine and wonderful weather. Even if it’s too early for swimming, enjoyment of spring sun won’t leave indifferent adults, nor young travellers.

Mallorca weather: March

It’s impossible to say about the weather in Mallorca in March that it’s bad or good. For example, if you want to get the most useful spring tan then this time of year in Mallorca is not suitable because the temperature of the air and sea is equally cool, just + 16⁰C. In early March, even lower.

But the sun shines gently, and if it’s raining, then it’s only for a short while. In late March, the probability of precipitation is much less.

But if your goal is exploring the attractions of the island and enjoying the beauty of blooming gardens, then March is the perfect month of the year. By the way, March is the perfect time for walking on Majorca.

The sight of flowering almond trees is something all tourists remember for a long time. Besides, visiting the resort at the end of the low season is a good way to save money.

Weather in Majorca in March


Mallorca March

Weather in Majorca in March 2015
In the afternoon At night Water temperature
Temperature +16°C +7°C +16°C

What to see in Mallorca

Going for a walk

Weather in Majorca in March Going for a walk

If cool weather doesn’t scare you, and you stocked up pretty well with warm sweaters and jackets, it’s time to go on trips. Sightseeing in Spain in March, is a real pleasure.

The sun is shining, but not hot, which makes long walks enjoyable. In addition, there are still not a lot of tourists around, and you can leisurely explore all the landmarks.

Get acquainted with the local architecture

Weather in Majorca in March Cathedral La Seu

Undeniably, architecture lovers will be impressed with the unusual, picturesque houses of Palma de Mallorca and the surrounding towns. The buildings do not all resemble each other; each of them has their own style, but the most amazing thing is that together they all create a harmonious and unique look. It is impossible to remain indifferent to the beauty of the Cathedral La Seu, which is located right on the beach.

You can also admire Santisima chapel, mouldings for which were designed by the most fashionable Spanish artist, Miquel Barceló. And that’s not all, there are a lot of places which are worthy of attention in Mallorca.

How about shopping?

Shopping here is not less interesting than excursions. Undoubtedly you will enjoy visiting numerous local shops. Here you can buy a lot of lovely trinkets, which are make from a variety of materials, and jewellery.

There are especially a lot of products from pearls, real and artificial. But they all are equally beautiful and you will notice that your hand reaches for your purse.

Try the local cuisine

We should also mention that Spanish cuisine is incredible. Each meal in a cafe or restaurant can be considered a real treat. Pungent aromas of spices and roasted vegetables may make you crazy!

Shall we dance?

Weather in Majorca in March Dancing

And when the day is drawing to a close, it’s time to visit one of the numerous night shows. Sitting at the table and enjoying noble Spanish wine, you can watch the most incendiary dance artists in the world of flamenco. The passionate guitar melodies, clattering of heels, sonorous sound of castanets and flashing black and red clothes of the dancers are fascinating.

Every moment the pace is increasing and it seems that even the air around passionate young men and women becomes fiery. How can you miss such a sensual and dynamic spectacle? These memories of Spanish flamenco will be with you forever!

But there is another strong argument in favour of a holiday in Majorca in March.

Prices for holidays in Majorca in March

Weather in Majorca in March Hotels

Vacations in March are very economical. After all, this month is considered low season, which means that the cost of entry tickets and permits become several times cheaper than in summer.

In addition, the price of air tickets is greatly reduced. It turns out that you can use excellent services in hotels, enjoy the local beauty and save a decent amount of your budget.

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