Weather forecast in Majorca in September

Weather forecast in Majorca in September

Mallorca island in the Mediterranean Sea attracts many tourists. The Majorca September weather provides a high level of comfort for travellers.

Weather in Majorca September

Weather forecast in Majorca in September Holiday

Mallorca has, unsurprisingly, a Mediterranean climate.

  • The average daily temperature in September is 27.6ºC.
  • Nights are quite warm too – the average temperature is around 22.1ºC. Weather in Mallorca in September allows swimming in the sea, as the water temperature on the coast is a little more than 25ºC.
  • The average humidity of the atmosphere is almost unchanged throughout the year and is about 70%.

Daylight hours in Mallorca this month are more than 11 hours. Cloudy days, of course, happen but mostly this month you can see bright sun is shining in blue sky. The average daily number of sunny hours is 10.6. Experienced tourists recommend: you have to take sunscreen, but warm clothes you can leave home. So if you prefer comfortable holidays by the sea, September is a wonderful time for Mallorca.

Weather in Majorca in September 2014

  • Daily temperature +26 ° C
  • Night temperature +18 ° C
  • Water +24 ° C
  • Probability of precipitation 7 days out of 30

Mallorca september

Holiday in Mallorca in September

If you decide to spend a holiday in Mallorca, weather in September will allow you to enjoy to the full this amazing place, the fantastic island providing an unforgettable experience. Exhibitions of paintings, handmade souvenirs, fashion shows, theatrical productions, concerts and creative performances are held at the beginning of autumn in the framework of the Festival of Contemporary Art. Everything here is so exciting that the memories are sure to remain for a long time. By the way, you can buy one ticket to allow access to all the Festival attractions for a whole day.

The number of attractions visited will depend on the activity and endurance of tourists; that is, everyone will be able to manage their time to suit their own preferences.

Grape Festival

Weather forecast in Majorca in September Grape Festival

In September you have an excellent opportunity to take part in grape harvest festivals, which take place in different cities of the island. The venue of the most magnificent celebrations is Binissalem. You can be involved with folk festivals, performances and, of course, tasting the young wine. Undeniably, during this festival in Mallorca you will have lots of fun!

Harvest festival

Do you like melons? If yes, don’t miss an amazing holiday dedicated to harvesting melons, which takes place in Vilafranca de Bonany. You never forget the competition for the largest delicious melon!

Day of the Island

On 12th September people in Mallorca celebrate the main holiday – Day of the Island. The main events take place in Palma de Mallorca, but other cities are not far behind. Wonderful holiday parades, musical and sports events – be ready if you are first-time visitor as you can get dizzy from all the bright sights and activities. Theatre and circus performances, concerts, dolls exhibitions – all are arranged in Santa Ponsa, where in the past the King James I defeated the Moors.

Prices for holidays in Majorca in September

Weather forecast in Majorca in September Hotels


Wonderful September weather in Majorca attracts a lot of tourists. That’s why accommodation in Majorca is relatively expensive, especially at the end of September – 100–200 euros per day and more in two- and three-star hotels. Hiring of a car is about 30 euros per night (rental of a convertible, of course, is more). A bus ride costs 1–1.25 euros. You can take a bus to the airport for 2 euros.


You can figure out that set meals here are relatively inexpensive – from 6 to 10 euros. You will be able to have a snack in small cafes for 4–6 euros. Tortilla costs 6.5 euros, 0.5 litres of sangria from 5 to 8 euros. Typically, the cost of a good dinner for two starts at 50 euros. You can certainly look for lower prices.

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