Weather in Canary Islands in May

Weather in Canary Islands in May

If you are pondering whether to go to the Canary Islands in May, have no doubts! The answer of experienced travellers is unequivocal: “Undeniably”.

Canary Islands weather in May

Despite the fact that relaxing in the Canary Islands is splendid in any month, May is considered the beginning of the beach season. The sun is shining brightly and the temperatures of the air and water are gradually getting very comfortable.

Already in the beginning of May the average daily temperature reaches + 22˚ C. At night you can feel coolness and the thermometer drops to 16˚C.

The water of the Atlantic is not yet warm enough for swimming and the temperature in most of the islands is kept at 19°C.

Weather in the Canary Islands in May is quite comfortable for a beach holiday.

Advice! Going to the Canary Islands in May, take warm clothes, but don’t forget about sunscreen and sunglasses.

Weather in May is truly wonderful. In the resort it’s not so hot yet, and precipitation is very rare, and is usually momentary. In Fuerteventura and Lanzarote generally it doesn’t rain at all. This month is perfect for excursions inland.

Canary Islands: weather May

 In the afternoonat nightwater temperature
Temperature+ 22° C+ 17° C+ 19° C

What to see in the Canary Islands

Canary holidays in May

During these days the Canary Islands are host to many festivals where you can get acquainted with the traditions of the inhabitants. For example, in Gran Canaria people celebrate a holiday in honour of sheep cheese – the main national product of the island.

Here you can taste and buy as much as you want. Not far from Santa Cruz de Tenerife, in Los Realejos town, you can take part in the Festival of the Cross. This day, all crosses are decorated with flowers, and in the evening you can see the colourful fireworks. People celebrate this holiday in almost all parts of the island during the whole month.

In late May, in the archipelago they celebrate the Canary Islands Day, where you can hear folk music, taste local cuisine and buy products of local craftsmen. Towards the middle of May, they celebrate the day of the Virgin, accompanied by pilgrimage (Romero), as well as celebrate with a livestock fair at San Isidro in Breña Alta.

The locals gather livestock from all over the island and the fair starts with a procession carrying the statue of Saint Isidore to the fairground. In the last Sunday in May in around Fuencaliente they celebrate the Virgin del Carmen and the Virgin del Kobre. These days all the streets are covered by a carpet of flowers.

Canary Islands are rich in not only bright national holidays, but also have historical and natural attractions. There are a lot of national parks and nature reserves, lava caves, museums, monuments of architecture and history.

Prices for holidays in the Canary Islands in May

In May, prices for holidays in the Canary Islands, in contrast to the summer season, are quite acceptable and even a bit lower than for trips to other Spanish cities. This month is ideal for those who want to save money, but to spend holidays on the beaches of the Atlantic.

You can get to the Canary Islands with transfers via Madrid. Flights from Madrid to Tenerife (or another island) will cost about 100 euros.

Prices in hotels on the islands are lower in comparison with the mainland. A double apartment with breakfast, depending on the number of stars, costs from 50 euros to 250 euros per night. And if you are lucky and get a special offer, you can get discounts of up to 30%. May is considered a budget month for travel to the Canary Islands.

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