Weather in Canary Islands in June

Weather in Canary Islands in June

Canary Islands in June – this is the place where you should go to if you want to have a good rest and get a lot of positive feelings, and also to save money at the same time.

Canary Islands: weather in June

The warmest weather is on the southern islands (Tenerife, Gran Canaria). Even in early June the daytime temperature in Canary Islands in June is around 24° C, water temperature is 20° C. But at night it’s noticeably cooler, the temperature drops to 18° C.

The weather in the north of the archipelago of the Canary Islands is cooler, as there is more wind and often the sun is covered by clouds.

In the eastern part of the islands during the day the thermometer reaches 25° C.
In Lanzarote and Fuerteventura, even in June, it’s very windy, so these islands are very popular with windsurfers. In the first month of the summer precipitation significantly reduces. Basically it rains in the north of Tenerife and Gran Canaria.

Though it’s already quite warm in the daytime, and even hot at midday, the water in the ocean is not yet completely warmed up. Weather in the Canaries is different depending on the location of the resort. For example, off the coast of Tenerife the water temperature is 20° C, but off the coast of Gran Canaria the water is little warmer at 21° C.

Weather Canary Islands in June

 Day timeNight timeWater Temperature
Temperature+ 24° C+ 21° C+ 20° C

canary islands in june

Things to do in Canary Islands

canary june

Despite the fact that the swimming season is open only to the most hardy travellers, the rest also will enjoy their holiday. Locals of La Palma island celebrate different festivals the whole month.

Blessings of the Harvest feast

In June, the main holiday is dedicated to the blessing of a good harvest. People turn to nature and to saints with requests for a rich harvest. On this day in the San Antonio Garafía village you can visit the famous cattle fair, followed by feasting, music and dance. In two days of the fair a huge number of people gather in a small village and they live in the district in tents and caravans.

Visit ports

San Juan’s day is considered to be a special holiday, it originates from the celebration of the summer solstice. People make bonfires during the whole night in the port of Puerto Tazacorte and Puerto Espindola. Celebration in honour of St. John in the municipality of Puntallana last throughout the second half of June. In these days you can take part in a song festival, residents make bonfires and all this is accompanied by music of the municipal orchestra. In Puerto Naos on the summer solstice on the beach mummers bring purifying fire to cast out all evil.

Make a pilgrimage

29th of June, the municipality of Brena holds a celebration in honour of its patron St. Peter. On the same day people make a pilgrimage, dedicated to Saint Isidro.

Prices for holidays in the Canary Islands in June

Prices for holidays in are Canary Islands is not as high as generally assumed. Prices for hotels here are even lower than in mainland Spain. For example, a double room in a 3-star hotel is 50–70 euros, in 4-star – 100–130 euros, in 5-star – 200–250 euros. If you are lucky enough to get a special hotel offer, you can save about 20–30%.

It should be noted that in June you can see lower prices for hotel reservations, which, of course, attracts tourists who like low-cost and high-quality recreation.

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