Weather in Canary Islands in April

Weather in Canary Islands in April

The Canary Islands in April is very beautiful. Every year at this time, many tourists flock here from all over the world, for good reason because in April you can have an excellent relaxing time, and save your money.

Canary Islands weather in April

Canary Islands weather in April

In April, real Spring reigns in the Canary Islands. It’s not raining this time of the year, and ocean storms are infrequent. In early April there is some rainfall, but the rain doesn’t last long, only enough to slightly dampen the ground.

This is a great time for swimming, and you can get a beautiful healthy tan.
The temperature of the water is usually 22° C. All the same, if you have young children choose a hotel which has a heated swimming pool.

The usual daily temperature in the south of Tenerife is about 26° C, but it’s even warmer in Gran Canaria.

So if you are tired of winter you have a wonderful chance to enjoy the greenery and tranquility of the Canary Islands in April.

However, sirocco winds can bring certain troubles – it brings sand and considerable heat from the Sahara desert. Usually in late April special natural phenomenon, which is called Kalima has place here. Saharan sand and dust hangs in the air like a hot, dry fog.

But the weather in the Canary Islands in April often changes quickly so, because of height differences, it can vary significantly in different parts of the Canary Islands.

By the way, in the resort cities the weather troubles occur much less frequently than in other parts of the islands.

Weather in Canary Islands in April

>Weather in Canary Islands in April

In The Afternoon

At Night

water Temperature


+ 22° C

+ 16º C

+ 18º C


Things to do in the Canary Islands

Take part in the celebrations

There are not a lot of holiday activities this time of year. Locals still rest, gathering strength before the high season. However, you can visit a couple of events. For example, the week that follows the 4th of April is a time of celebration in honour of St. Vincent de Ferrer. This event takes place in the municipality of Garafía. Then, on April 27th in the municipality of Tazacorte they celebrate religious festivals in honour of Our Lady of Montserrat.

Visiting Cathedrals


In April, people usually celebrate Catholic Easter. Actually it’s a very beautiful, spectacle, with a large procession, exciting Masses, folk festivals, and theatrical performances on the streets. We also can’t forget about the colourful April holiday in Gran Canaria – Aborigines day. On this day you can watch performances by folk groups in many villages of the island.

Prices for holidays in the Canary Islands in April

Until now, many people considered a holiday in the Canary Islands as something prohibitively expensive, which only oligarchs can afford . Truly it’s an old myth and nothing more. In fact, prices in the Canary Islands are much lower than in the whole of Spain. This applies not only to hotels, but also to shops and restaurants. And if you know which time is most economic to go there, you can save considerably. April is a win–win option: there are still not many tourists, prices are low enough and the weather already allows you to enjoy your holiday.

Britons and Germans fly to the Canary Islands for 100 euros. For the Europeans, only Tunisia and Egypt are cheaper than the Canary Islands. You can save if you buy a hot ticket directly from the operator. Sometimes discounts are so high that you can purchase 2 tickets for the price of 1. In addition, you can often save if you fly with a change in Madrid. To save some expense, just purchase a ticket to Madrid, and from there get to Tenerife Island.

If you keep an eye on the prices of Canarian hotels, you can catch special offers, and reduce your costs by 20–30%. The main thing is to plan your vacation in advance and don’t go just for the holidays, such as Easter, because on those days prices in hotels or private apartments are highest. In general, according to experts, the minimum prices for vacation are expected in April and May.

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