Top 10 Spain resorts

Top 10 Spain resorts

There are two major reasons why we love Spain: the warm climate and sun-bathes on the beach of the Mediterranean Sea. Moreover, this place provides us with good service and is full of sights. The best Spanish resorts are seaside resorts, so let’s talk about them.

Beach resorts

1. Ibiza is the hottest place in Spain to take a rest on the beach. Holiday season lasts from May to November. Benniras, Talamanca and Santa Eulalia are said to be the most popular beaches of southern Spain resorts. . The young ones adore this resort.

2. Majorca is one more representative of hot Balearic Islands. This resort confidently is at the tip-tops of beach tourism industry of the Mediterranean by the level of development. There are legendary sights, like the Underground Lake, ancient cathedral and the Dragon Caves. Tens of sandy beaches will suit young people and married couple to have a rest on.

3. Tenerife is one of the Canary Islands which peacefully lies in the Atlantic Ocean. The seaside resort is all-the-year-round because of favorable weather conditions. Golden beaches are the magnet for pairs of lovers and crowds of youngsters. It has every right to be included into the list of the best family resorts in Spain. Numerous all inclusive resorts in Spain are located here.

4. Costa del Sol (“Coast of the Sun”) is a cosy resort in the province of Malaga which is in the South of Spain. The length of the beaches is about 300 km. There are luxury hotels, cosy cafés and restaurants. Tourists are suggested to go on variety of excursions to take a closer look at Spain. It is said that Marbella, Paseo Maritimo and the Port of Puerto Banús are the best beach resorts in Spain.

5. Costa Blanca (“White Coast”) is a tourism center of Spain which lies in the province of Alicante. Holiday-makers could enjoy 212 km of velvety sandy beaches. The white coast of Costa Blanca is a national record-holder in the number of beaches.

6. Costa Brava (“Wild Coast”) is a northernmost region of a seaside resort and it affects the tourist season. It is comparatively short and lasts only from June to September. The most favourite place here is the town Lloret de Mar. Its beaches are reputed as the clearest beaches in Europe. So it is the perfect place for the tourists with children and one of the best family resorts in Spain.

7. San Sebastián is one of the most wonderful resort towns in Spain owing to a presence on the seacoast and riverside in one place. It is located on the Bay of Biscay. Many beaches here have unique traits because they consist not only of sand but also of unbroken cockle-shells. The sea color here becomes pale turquoise and it always attracts the tourists. It’s one of the best mainland Spain resorts.

8. Costa Daurada is the gold coast of Spain, the coast of the Mediterranean, the pearl of south-eastern Spain. There are 216 km of a sandy coast. Mild climate and warm water set the stage for any kind of vacation. Costa Daurada is a fine place for scuba diving or active watersports, furthermore, you always can sunbathe for pleasure on its beaches.

9. Costa Tropical (“Tropical Coast”) is one of the southernmost places of the Spanish coast. It is located in the province of Granada. Factors of location enable tourists almost the whole year round to enjoy the delights of seaside resorts. All kinds of water activities, plenty of water parks and the highest standards of service are available here. Moreover, the most interesting cultural sights of Spain are so close to Costa Tropical;

10. Benidorm is so-called Spanish Las Vegas. It is thought to be the most modern one of Spain beach resorts. By the way, here is the hottest sea. People say the beaches of Benidorm are the best beaches in Spain, for instance Playa de Levante and Playa de Poniente. There are many reasons for it. The resort is really popular with the young people.
The end of November –early December is the time of first snow in Spain. At this time altogether twenty ski resorts are open. Spanish skiing resorts have perfect infrastructure and communication with big cities.

Ski resorts

Judging by numerous references of travelers among many skiing holiday resorts Spain, there are several favorites:
1. Baqueira-Beret is deservedly thought to be the best Spanish resort for skiing. Almost all ski slopes are laid among pine forests. Here any skier finds the track to his liking. There are also fine conditions for snowboarding; several separate slopes are specially singled out for it. Many restaurants and cafés serve tasty customary dishes; the high quality of service is equal to luxurious resorts in Austria. The location of the resort enables visitors to combine skiing with bathing in a pool.

2. Sierra Nevada is said to be the highest and southernmost Spanish ski resort. Well thought-out infrastructure, plenty of cultural and other entertainment distinguishes this place from others. There are ski slopes for professionals and easy slopes for a novice that makes this resort universal for skiers of different levels.

3. The ski resort Espot Esquí is an incredibly cosy place near one of the national Spanish parks. It is an ideal place for a peaceful family vacation. This resort is a real pride of the Catalan Pyrenees. It gets its charm from evergreen dense pine forests. Reasonable prices on accommodation and food help the resort keep its popularity while the beauty of nature attracts more and more tourists.

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