Tenerife Holidays

Tenerife Holidays

tenerife Tenerife is the largest and most beautiful island of the archipelago, which was “occupied” by tourists from the 1950’s and still is considered a haven for relaxation. This is one of the most densely populated of the Canary Islands and the most popular: more than ten million tourists come here each year.

Nowadays holidays to Tenerife is very popular recreation among tourists from all over the world. You can find here rest and entertainment for every taste. So if you need all inclusive holidays to Tenerife, winter holidays to Tenerife, cheap holidays Tenerife and even very cheap holidays to Tenerife – welcome to this fabulous island.

Actually, the whole island is a cone-shaped hill. The highest point in Tenerife – the peak Teide (El Pico del Teide) is situated at an altitude of 3718 meters above sea level and is the highest point in Spain.

There are date palms and tamarisk on foreshore. Evergreen laurel forest area begins at an altitude of 500 meters. Occasionally you can find a dragon tree. The eldest one grows near the Orotava and it’s several thousand years old.

Numerous date palms and coconut trees, bananas (the basis of the economy of the island), corn, tropical fruits are located everywhere on seashore. By the way, there are no snakes and freshwater fish on the island.

The weather here is very nice, due to a mild and dry climate. People call it the “Island of Eternal Spring.” Tenerife is the only resort in Europe where you can swim even in winter. Invariably good weather all year round, the difference between summer temperature and winter is only 5 degrees – all this make the south coast of Tenerife like real paradise resorts.

Cities and resorts

The main tourist life in Tenerife is concentrated on the south. The only exception is Santa Cruz de Tenerife – the capital of Tenerife. The population of the city is about 220,000 inhabitants.

Although there are not many historical attractions here, the unique atmosphere of colonial-style architecture of the nineteenth century attracts the attention of tourists, as well as an abundance of shops, museums, art galleries.

Puerto de la Cruz is the first resort of Tenerife. Its active business life sometimes prevents enjoyment of the leisurely passing of the holiday time. People come here from other resorts, mostly just for some shopping and sightseeing.

Orotava (La Orotava) is located in the heart of the famous Orotava Valley and is one of the most ancient and fascinating cities of Tenerife. The city existed before the Spanish invasion and belonged to Taoro, one of the Guanches (rich kingdoms) of Tenerife. The old city center has been declared as a national treasure and cultural heritage of Spain. Everything here speaks of the rich historical past: paved roadways and high aristocratic mansions with elegant balconies and carved staircases.

A tourist hallmark of Tenerife is considered to be the resort of Las Americas Beach (Playa de las Américas). Stretching along the coast in the south of the island, just 17 kilometers from the airport, Las Americas is paradise, which was built specifically for foreign tourists in the mid 60s. Here you can easily find a hotel for every taste and budget: all inclusive holidays to Tenerife, cheap all inclusive holidays to Tenerife and package holidays to Tenerife are available for you all the year round. You will be impressed with the abundance of all kinds of cafes and restaurants with a wide variety of cuisines. A huge selection of entertainment in Las Americas will allow even the most finicky of tourists to find rest for the soul.

A small pedestrian promenade links Las Americas with other resorts – Los Cristianos (Los Cristianos). The slightly more sedate pace of life of this resort attracts many older Europeans.

El Medano is located away from the main resort centers, in the south-east of the island. The resort is particularly popular with windsurfers and water sports enthusiasts. The main advantage of El Medano is the constant strong wind, which creates high waves in two bays of the resort. Besides water sports there is little entertainment there. But if you are going to ride on a board it’s the best place to go.

See & Do


The main attraction of Tenerife is, of course, Teide National Park (Parque Nacional de las Casadas del Teide), the heart of the island. It’s located in a vast volcanic bowl (diameter of 48 km) and is the highest point in all of Spain and the Atlantic Ocean. You can reach to the top by cable car or climb on foot. In an hour, after you have played in the snow on the slopes of the volcano, you can again find yourself on the hot sand of the beach. You can admire the magnificent scenery of Tenerife from the top of the peak, and also see the neighboring islands: Gran Canaria, La Palma and Gomera.

Tenerife has its own mysteries – six stone pyramids located in the town of Guimar (Pirámides de Güimar) in the east of the island. No one can say with absolute certainty who created them.

“Lunar Landscape” (Paisaje Lunar) is a quite unearthly landscape which can be found in the center of the island, near the highest city in Spain – Vilaflor (Vilaflor). Here, at an altitude of 1400 meters you can discover a breathtaking landscape formed by lava and ash.

Loro Park (Loro Parque) is one of the most visited attractions in Tenerife. It’s located in Puerto de la Cruz a huge entertainment complex, which has a zoo, a botanical garden and a huge aquarium. Here you can meet lions, parrots, dolphins, sharks, and even a flock of penguins.

Eagles Park (Parque las Aguilas) is a tropical oasis, which is tucked away among the rocks. About 500 different wild animals roam here, in an area of 75,000 m2. A special pride of the park is an unforgettable performance of trained birds of prey.

February in Tenerife is the time for the main holiday on the island – Carnival (Carnaval Tenerife), the second largest one after the famous and colorful Carnival in Rio. The Carnival procession stretched across the island, but the most vivid and exciting action always takes place on the streets of Santa Cruz – the capital of Carnival.



All the beaches of Tenerife are public and free.
Almost all the beaches on the island created artificially. Sand was brought from the former Spanish colony of Western Sahara and is the best feature of the beach de las Teresitas (Playa de las Teresitas), which is located 6 kilometers from Santa Cruz. The main disadvantage of this beach – as well as the beaches of Puerto de la Cruz, which are also located in the north – is a short holiday season. In winter, the water is cool enough for swimming. There are big waves there almost constantly, making this part of the island is a paradise for surfers almost all year.

Many vacationers in Puerto de la Cruz prefer the artificial beach resort – Lake Martiánez (Lago Martianez), which is built along the coast and entertainment center, has 7 large saltwater swimming pools, a Jacuzzi, and a huge number of restaurants and cafes.

However, the northern beaches have their own peculiarity – many of them have a unique black sand of volcanic origin, which has healing properties. A lot of beaches in Puerto de la Cruz especially have this sand. The black sand can also be found in the south but it occurs much less frequently.
La Arena (La Arena) is one of the best beaches with volcanic black sand in Spain. It’s located in Puerto Santiago. In 1989, the beach was awarded the highest rank – the Blue Flag.

Playa de las Americas and Los Cristianos are a continuous chain of beaches, the best of which – Playa de la Vista (Playa de la Vista) has golden sand and all kinds of water sports are available there.

El Medano (El Medano) – the beach resort of the same name with the biggest waves on the island. Here, and on the closest bay, El Cabeza, sand appeared naturally – it was blown in by the wind from the coast of Africa.

Tenerife has also many pebbled “wild” beaches, where you can go to escape the hustle and bustle of the resort coast. They are quiet and not crowded places, which sharply contrast with the bustling tourist centers of Tenerife. There are a lot of such beaches, mainly to the east of Las Americas. Undeniably, you can enjoy cheap Tenerife holidays here and get many exciting experiences.

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