Picnic in Barcelona

Picnic in Barcelona

Except for a couple of rainy and cloudy days, weather in spring and summer in Barcelona is usually very sunny and hot.

Of course, everyone prefers to spend these days outside. And there are a lot of amazing places to visit in Barcelona. If you are here for only one day you can take bus tour to see this magnificent city. But on very hot days it’s not comfortable being on the beaches and the numerous verandas of cafes are not always the best solution.

Therefore we suggest you go on a picnic, where you can either soak up the sun or hide under the shade of the trees while enjoying delicious food and drink. It’s also a good idea to visit a park to have a break during your sightseeing day. After you have bought your food and drinks in a supermarket, you can take your shoes off, walk on the cool grass and lie down in the shade.

1. Joan Miro Park (Barcelona)

Joan Miro Park (Barcelona)

It’s one of the best tourist places in Barcelona for a picnic. The Park, with sculptures of the famous Joan Miro, is a few steps away from Placa d’Espanya and the shopping centre Las Arenas.
At the place which used to be a bullring, you can now relax under the huge pine and palm trees, and then play table tennis.

2. Labyrinth Park (Barcelona)

Labyrinth Park (Barcelona)

You can visit this park not only for a picnic, but also to see its main attraction, the 18th century garden maze. This is a very romantic park and you can have a picnic either on the tables in front of the entrance or on the grass in the gardens. In addition, there is a beautiful pond there.

3. Can Sentmenat Gardens in Barcelona

Can Sentmenat Gardens in Barcelona

These gardens of the 19th century used to be the residence of the Marquis of Sentmenat, and now are opened to everyone who wants to spend time in nature, relax from the hustle of Barcelona, admire the views from its terraces and go for a walk through the woods.
In the study time here there are a lot of students, because in 1994 a School of Design and Art EINA was opened in the park.

4. Espanya Industrial Park (Parque de la España Industrial)

Espanya Industrial Park (Parque de la España Industrial)

This park with an interesting name is located on the south side of Barcelona’s Sants Station and wonderfully combines industry and nature.

Espanya Industrial Park conceals, in fact, a lot of beauty and wonderful places for walking and recreation. There is a lovely pond where you can go boating, a huge metal sculpture of a dragon that children use as a climbing frame, sunny lawns and comfortable cool shade, so as not to burn out at noon.

Espanya Industrial Park is a green area surrounded on several sides by concrete stairs in the form of an amphitheatre, and almost half of the area is occupied by a pond. On the steps there are several lighthouse towers. Although the park is located in one of the most industrialized areas of Barcelona, ​Station Sants, it doesn’t make any concessions in its beauty or comfort. This is a real island of freshness and tranquility between the bustling Tarragona and Collblanc Highway. A family of ducks lives in the pond, and in the centre of the park there is a statue of Neptune, which was built in the late 19th century. Boat rentals are available for everyone. In addition, there is even a small area with banana trees here.

5. Pedralbes Palace Gardens in Barcelona

Pedralbes Palace Gardens in Barcelona

This unique beautiful park is located around the Palace of Pedralbes, once the main residence of the King of Spain in Barcelona. If you are a fan of quiet charm and love to spend hours in silence and comfort in the beautiful greenery, you will definitely like it.

The highlight of the park is considered to be the arrangement of the greenery. The whole landscape design of this amazing place is in strict compliance with definition of geometric shapes. Here you can walk through the mall with topiary balls and walk between the triangular cypresses. The experience of visiting the park is unsurpassed. Visitors love to walk along its quiet alleys and feed the small local residents – squirrels.

The magnificent gardens of the Royal Palace were created at the beginning of the last century. Visitors will find an elegant oval pond at the entrance to the garden, a lot of fancy bamboo benches, lighted fountains and a variety of sculptures. The park is open to visitors year round. But because of its great popularity, locals often carry out a variety of receptions and banquets here, and on those days it is closed to tourists.

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