Canary Islands March weather is very comfortable for a holiday

Canary Islands March weather is very comfortable for a holiday

The Canaries in March deserves special attention. When your hometown snow is still melting, don’t deny yourself the pleasure of basking under the warm sun.

Canary Islands: weather in March

The Canary Islands is a place where there are no cold winter days and warm weather pleases tourists during all seasons. And the first month of spring is not an exception. Tenerife is considered the most attractive island for a holiday in early March.

This month the average temperature of the water in the Atlantic remains around 20° C, which is sometimes even higher than the air temperature. In the afternoon the air warms up to 14–24˚ C, and at night is 16–22˚ C.

The weather in the Canary Islands in March is mostly cloudy or partly cloudy. Occasionally it may be rainy and windy. The number of clear sunny days in the early spring on the island is about seven.

Canary Islands: weather March
In the afternoon At night Water temperature
Temperature 14–24˚ C +16–22˚ C +20° C


Canary Islands March

What to see in the Canary Islands

Visit carnivals

Canary Islands March carnivals

The most important event in Tenerife is a colourful carnival where the locals, wearing bright traditional attire arrange processions through the city streets. The fun continues for several days. Dates of holidays vary depending on the calendar.

The lunar calendar also affects the Easter holidays that are celebrated in March or April. More solemn Easter observances take place in

  • Santa Cruz;
  • La Orotava;
  • La Laguna;
  • Garachico.

How about the famous volcano?

Canary Islands March Mount Teide

In addition to national holidays the Canary Islands are famous for their amazing attractions. One of these places is the active volcano Mount Teide. A special cable car leads to the observation deck, where you can discover the picturesque panorama of the whole island.

After receiving permission at the site from the Spanish Ministry of Nature, you can climb to the very top of the volcano, which has a height of over 3,500 meters, and see the crater. Impressions gained during this climb are simply unforgettable.

National Park

Canary Islands March Teide National Park

Tourists can also enjoy a sightseeing trip to the Teide National Park Reserve. Fortunately, the weather for Canary Islands in March allows it. There are rocks Roques de Garcia with stones of unusual shape. But of particular interest are the mysterious Guimar pyramids, which are a real archaeological mystery to mankind. They resemble famous step pyramids in Mexico and Peru.

Prices for holidays in the Canary Islands in March

Canary Islands March Hotels

For a long time holidays in the Canary Islands were, for many, considered a luxury. Now the situation has changed and most of the tourists prefer to spend their vacation on the island of eternal spring. In contrast to the summer months at the resorts, in March there is not not yet such an influx of tourists and tour operators offer tours to the shores of the Atlantic for quite reasonable prices.

Often in March there are discounts, and if you’re lucky, you can buy two tickets for the cost of one.

Prices for hotels in resort areas are moderate and even lower than in the hotels on the Spanish mainland. Of course the cost of living depends on the level of comfort and service. So, for example, a standard double room with breakfast in a 5-star hotel costs on average in the range of 200–250 euros per day, 4-star apartments will cost 100–130 euros.

Hotels with 3 stars offer quite cheap rooms at 50–70 euros per day. So if you plan taking a holiday in March, having a rest in the Canary Islands will be an excellent option.

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