Barcelona weather: mild winter and and warm, humid summer

Barcelona weather: mild winter and and warm, humid summer

Barcelona weather

Barcelona is one of the most popular resorts in Spain. A Mediterranean climate makes it more attractive for tourists in Summer time. However, the mild winter gives the opportunity to take numerous excursions and buy original Christmas and New Year gifts. If you want to see whole the city for a short time, you can travel by Barcelona Bus Turistic.

All the more so in late winter, many tour operators offer a large number of burning permits in Barcelona. Despite the proximity of the New Year holidays, prices for holidays in early winter are minimal, and there are a lot of offers of accommodation, so you can choose the most suitable option.

Winter in Barcelona

Winter in Barcelona

Winter in Barcelona

Barcelona weather December

The winter in Barcelona is not snowy and severe. December generally is very warm with daytime temperatures around 15-16 degrees. Many tourists do not even wear a sweater or jacket. But at night you have to take warm clothes because the temperature drops to about 6-8 degrees, and it can’t be called comfortable. While cooling down, the sea still isn’t too cold, the temperature being about 16 degrees. If you decide to visit Barcelona in December we recommend you take an umbrella with you on vacation because the end of the year can be very rainy.

Barcelona weather January

In January the weather in Barcelona is even less pleasant. Day temperature does not rise above 12 degrees Celsius; night is about – 5 degrees Celsius. Sometimes you can experience even subzero temperatures. Rain at this time is quite likely to make an appearance which is why sightseeing tours in January are unsuitable. Similarly, the sea also doesn’t attract tourists. Low temperature and high humidity doesn’t impress those who are on the coast.

Barcelona weather February

In February the weather does not change much, but the wind may increase. It’s rain and sleet almost one-third of the month. It’s still cool in the daytime, about plus 13 degrees and cold at nights – only 4 – 6 degrees above zero. The sea does not freeze in Barcelona, but in February it’s +13 degree, which can not be called a pleasant temperature.

Spring in Barcelona

Spring in Barcelona

Spring in Barcelona

Barcelona weather March

Despite the arrival of spring, warmer weather hasn’t yet begun in Barcelona. In March the day temperature is only +16 degrees. At night it’s still cold, the temperatures rarely exceeding 7-8 degrees above zero. But the sea begins slowly to absorb heat, the temperature of the water reaching +15 degrees.

Barcelona weather April

Only at the end of April do the first fans of sunbathing appear in Barcelona. In the last days of the month the temperatures can reach +18 degrees and you can station yourself on a lounger by the pool. But you have to be ready to cope with April’s rain. In average there are about 8 rainy days in month. The sea in April is still cold, the temperature is only 15-16 degrees.

Barcelona weather May

Beach holidays in May in Barcelona are only for the very bold or desperate. It’s still cold at this time, the air warming during the day only to 20-21 degrees. The sea is still cool – 18 degrees above zero. Never leave the house without warm clothes. At night the temperature drops to 11-12 degrees. You will also need to carry an umbrella as May is a very rainy month. Holidaying at the time of the year is not recommended.

Summer in Barcelona

Summer in Barcelona

Summer in Barcelona

Barcelona weather June

June can be considered the first truly warm month in Barcelona. The air warms up to a pleasant +24 degrees, which is neither too cold nor too hot. Even at night you can notice only a slight coolness, with the temperature about 15-16 degrees. The sea is well warmed up and is suitable for swimming. Its temperature is 21-22 degrees.

Barcelona weather July

July is perfect for families with children. The mild climate and pleasant sea water will be the main features of the season. The sea temperature is +24 degrees. The air warms up during the day to +27 degrees. Nights are quite enjoyable – 17-18 degrees.

After a long hot day you may enjoy the fascinating and spectacular views of this splendid city from one of the best rooftop bars in Barcelona.

Barcelona weather August

In August the coast warms further, although the temperature is increased by only 2-3 degrees. The sea is almost hot, +26 degrees, and the air warms up to +28. Rain is probable in August but it brings a refreshing coolness rather than making it sultry.

If you are becoming tired of the hot sun on the beach, go enjoy a picnic at one of the many magnificent parks in Barcelona.

Autumn in Barcelona

Autumn in Barcelona

Autumn in Barcelona

Barcelona weather September

September is a traditional Indian summer. The sea is not hot, but the water is still warm, about +24 degrees. You can swim in the sea until the end of September. The nights are not cold yet, average temperature is 17-18 degrees.

Barcelona weather October

Fortunately the sea cools slowly in Barcelona, so in October, even when the daytime temperature is only +22 degrees, the sea stays quite warm. Nights are not too cold and well suited for a romantic stroll. The only thing that spoils a holiday in October is rainfall. There are 8-9 rainy days on average in the fall of Barcelona.

Barcelona weather November

In November most beach lovers leave Barcelona. The sun is already a rare visitor here, and the sea has completely cooled down, its temperature only 18 degrees. Such weather is perfect for those who like sightseeing tours, day temperature is around 17-18 degrees – perfect conditions for leisurely stroll. But the nights are cold enough, so if you like an evening promenade you have to take warm clothes with you on vacation. After sunset the air cools down to 8-9 degrees.

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  1. Caroline at 22:58

    I was in Barcelona on July, it’s awesome! The weather is really perfect, not so hot like in Australia.

  2. Elena at 12:16

    Barcelona is an amazing city. Great architecture makes this city very special. I think its bright and sunny at any time of the year. I have visited it in October and Barcelona impressed me a lot. I wish I could visit again because there are a lot to see indeed.

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