Australian Universities ranking

Australian Universities ranking

If you are interested in getting education in Australia, bear in mind that according to the experts in the field of education, at least 31 Australian Universities are in a list of the best institutions of higher education of the world.

Most of them are located in the three largest cities – Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. But the best Australian University is the Australian National University, which is located in the capital of the country, Canberra.

Here is the ranking of Australian Universities.

1. Universities in New South Wales

University of Sydney

University of Sydney

New South Wales, with the largest number of inhabitants, has the largest number of higher education institutions of world class (eight). Victoria has 7 best Australian Universities. Finally, in Queensland there are 6 universities.

Some of them are located in Wollongong, Newcastle and Armidale, some in close proximity to them, but mostly best universities in New South Wales are located in Sydney.

More than 20% of Australia’s population lives in this famous port city. It’s also known for its beaches (especially Bondi), one of the largest steel arch bridges in the world (Harbour Bridge), Sydney Opera House with its unusual architecture. And, of course, its universities, two of which are the most important: University of New South Wales and the University of Sydney.

Ranking of universities in Australia New South Wales:

  1. University of Sydney – ranked 38th in the world, 3rd in Australia;
  2. University of New South Wales – 52nd in the world, 5th in Australia;
  3. Macquarie University – 263rd in the world, 9th in Australia;
  4. University of Technology, Sydney – 272nd in the world, 10th in Australia;
  5. University of Wollongong – 276th in the world, 11th in Australia;
  6. University of Newcastle – 298th in the world, 15th in Australia;
  7. University of Western Sydney – 651st in the world, 28th in Australia;
  8. University of New England – 701st in the world, 29th in Australia.

2. Universities in Victoria

University of Melbourne

University of Melbourne

Victoria is the smallest state of the Australian mainland, however, is not inferior to the size of Great Britain. Such a comparison is useful to imagine how large Australia is as a whole.

More than 70% of the population of Victoria (from nearly 6 million) make up the population of Melbourne, which is the state capital. Melbourne is also the sports capital of the whole country: it has several major sporting and entertainment venues. Melbourne is home of such competitions as Australian Open tennis (one of the four Grand Slam tournaments) and the Australian Grand Prix (one of the stages of the Formula 1 World Championship).

Melbourne is also known for its restaurants, it’s a real paradise for gourmets. A number of research universities are located in the capital city of Victoria. Among them are most famous – The University of Melbourne and Monash University Australia. Only one of the best universities in Victoria is not located in Melbourne. It’s Deakin University in Geelong.

Ranking of Universities of Victoria State and Universities in Melbourne Australia:

  1. The University of Melbourne – ranked 31st in the world, 2nd in Australia;
  2. Monash University – 69th in the world, 6th in Australia;
  3. RMIT University – 291st in the world, 14th in Australia;
  4. Deakin University – 380th in the world, 19th in Australia;
  5. La Trobe University – 390th in the world, 20th in Australia;
  6. Swinburne University of Technology – 481st in the world, 25th in Australia;
  7. University of Victoria – 701st in the world, 31st in Australia.

3. The Universities of Queensland

University of Queensland

University of Queensland

Queensland State is located in the northeast of Australia and ranks second in the size of the territory and is the third largest population among the states of the country. Queensland is very different from New South Wales and Victoria, has highly urbanized areas, and is famous for the fact that the sun shines in the sky an average of eight to nine hours a day. That’s why it has the nickname “The Sunshine State”. A lot of tourists go there to explore the Great Barrier Reef off the coast of the Coral Sea.

Those who want to study close to this world famous natural wonder, should pay attention to the high ranking of James Cook University Australia. It’s located in Townsville, near the central part of the reef. Further to the south-east there is the hugely popular tourist destination, the Gold Coast, with a picturesque coastline and an abundance of the most diverse parks. Gold Coast is a home to the prestigious Bond University Australia.

Another three leading Universities of Queensland are located in the State capital Brisbane.

You can choose a University of Queensland Australia from our list:

  1. University of Queensland – ranked 43rd in the world, 4th in Australia;
  2. Queensland University of Technology – 279th in the world, 12th in Australia;
  3. Griffith University – 341st in the world, 16th in Australia;
  4. James Cook University – 351st in the world, 18th in Australia;
  5. Bond University – 421st in the world, 22nd in Australia;
  6. University of Southern Queensland – 701st in the world, 30th in Australia.

4. Universities of Western Australia

University of Western Australia

University of Western Australia

Western Australia is the largest Australian state, occupying almost a third of the country, and fifth in the number of population (about two and a half million people). For the most part Western Australia consists of sparsely populated areas.

In the north of the State is the Kimberley region, the territory of which is three times larger than England, but which has a population less than one hundred thousand people. However, it has its own charm, thanks to the 13-mile area of soft white sand and clear turquoise water, which is known as Cable Beach. Locals consider it the most beautiful beach on the continent. In the inland southeast of Western Australia there is an area called the goldfields, the name dating back to the pioneer days of the gold rush.

But the majority of the state’s population lives in Perth, its capital, known as the “City of Light”. Coming here, you will find the perfect balance between life full of bustling entertainment, if that’s what you want, and more calm and laid-back beach pastime. Perth may also offer you a choice of three world-class universities. The most important among them is University of Western Australia.

The best universities in Western Australia:

  1. University of Western Australia – ranked 84th in the world, 7th in Australia;
  2. Curtin University of Technology – 284th in the world, 13th in Australia;
  3. Murdoch University – 551st in the world, 26th in Australia.

5. Universities of South Australia

University of Adelaide

University of Adelaide

South Australia is the fourth largest state in Australia and the fifth largest population (less than 2 million people). This is the driest state in the driest continent in the world.

Became famous mainly due to its excellent wines, South Australia also has a large number of contrasting and interesting landscapes, such as for example, the undulations of the Flinders Range and the rugged coast. The capital of the state is Adelaide. Today it’s known as the cultural centre of Australia, the venue of many festivals and music performances, exhibitions and various galleries. There are a large number of high quality educational institutions here, among which the University of Adelaide has the highest rating.

Here you can find the best South Australia University:

  1. University of Adelaide – ranked 104th in the world; 8th in Australia;
  2. University of South Australia – 341st in the world, 17th in Australia;
  3. Flinders University – 431st in the world, 23rd in Australia.

6. Universities of Australian Capital Territory

Australian National University

Australian National University

Actually, the Australian Capital Territory is located within New South Wales, but in fact it is an independently governed area. This is the territory where the capital of Australia, Canberra, is located and its special status is legislated by Parliament. ACT is the smallest region of Australia.

The best universities in the ACT:

  1. Australian National University – ranked 27th in the world, 1st in Australia;
  2. University of Canberra – 650th in the world, 27th in Australia.

7. Other universities in Australia

University of Tasmania

University of Tasmania

There are two regions of Australia, each of which has one world-class university: Northern Territory and Tasmania. Tasmania is an island near the south-eastern part of the Australian mainland and is famous of its abundance of national parks and areas with preserved wildlife, rare plants and animals. The Northern Territory is the third largest region of Australia with a population of a little more than two hundred thousand people. Northern Territory has a tropical climate with high temperatures almost throughout the year.

The best universities in these regions:

  1. University of Tasmania – 401st in the world, 21st in Australia;
  2. Charles Darwin University (Northern Territory) – 471st in the world, 24th in Australia.
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