Cost of living in Dubai

Cost of living in Dubai

UAE is not only luxurious resorts, oriental romance and a favourable climate, many tourists come here for shopping. Prices and range of goods available in this wonderful city attracts shoppers from all over the world.

Living cost in Dubai is not so expensive in comparison to European countries. Prices are so attractive and there is such a variety of choice because of low import duties. Free trade gives an opportunity to buy goods of world famous brands cheaper than you can do it in the country of manufacture.

Low price and wide range of products attracts motorists, collectors and fashionistas. Any request will be satisfied. In multiple shopping centres, markets, department stores and boutiques, you can buy fashionable clothes, articles of precious metal, ultramodern electronics, a variety of souvenirs or jewellery.

Cost of food in Dubai is not too high. If you are going to buy fresh fish, it’s better to go to a new fish market. In the spice market, which is located near the bay, you can buy a variety of foods. There is an abundance of vegetable markets. Many people, fascinated by this amazing city, ask the question: how much does it cost to live in Dubai? Look at the average prices of the most popular products.

Cost of living in Dubai 2014

Fruits and vegetables:
1 kg of apples: 8.00–15.00 AED; 1 kg of oranges: 5.00–12.00 AED; 1 kg of tomatoes: 4.00–12.00 AED; 1 kg of potatoes: 3.00–6.00 AED; 1 head of lettuce: 4.00–8.00 AED.

Sea food:
1 kg of shrimps: 45.00 AED; 1 kg of crabs: 25.00 AED; 1 kg of squid: 36.00 AED; 1 kg of fresh fish: 10.00 – 30.00 AED.

Other food:
1 litre of milk: 5.00–6.00 AED; 1 loaf of white bread: 3.00–5.00 AED; 12 eggs: 8.00 – 12.00 AED; 1 kg of cheese: 20.00–50.00 AED; 1 kg of chicken breasts: 20.00–32.00 AED; 1 kg of rice: 5.00–10.50 AED.

Iced tea: 0.30–4.00 AED; 1.5 litre bottle of water: 1.97 AED; bottle of wine: 60.00–100.00 AED.
Relatively low average cost of living in Dubai attracts people from many countries.

Dubai is widely known for its shopping centres, which are conveniently located in all parts of the city. Every shopping centre offers a trendy boutique, supermarket, shops and various cafes and restaurants.

Dubai low cost meals can be found in inexpensive cafes in shopping centres: normal dinner costs 20.00–50.00 AED; a three-course meal for two costs about 150.00 AED; lunch at McDonald’s or other sort of fast food: 15.00–20.00 AED; cup of cappuccino 12.00–15.00 AED. In shopping centres in Dubai Mall or Mall of Emirates prices are higher. If you want to have a snack outside you can buy Shawarma or hamburger for 4.00 AED.

Prices at the subway and buses in Dubai

Tickets in buses and subway are are reusable plastic cards, which are replenished in vending machines. A red NOL card allows a one-time trip and is worth 2.50–7.00 AED, depending on the distance of travel. A reusable silver NOL card costs 25.00 AED and acts an as e-purse. It’s comes already loaded with 19.00 AED credit and that can be increased to as much as 5,000.00 AED credit. One trip costs 2.30–6.00 AED.

Expenses for cars in the UAE

The cost of parking is 2.00 AED per hour. Be carefull, speeding can cost 900.00 AED. The fine for wrong parking is 150.00 AED. 1 litre of petrol costs 1.70 AED.

Accommodation cost in Dubai (rent per month)

1 bedroom apartment in the city centre costs 5,000.00–8,300.00 AED; 1 bedroom apartment outside of centre costs 3,300.00–5,500.00 AED; 3 bedroom apartment in the city centre costs 11,000.00–18,000.00 AED; 3 bedroom apartment outside of centre costs 7,500.00–12,000.00 AED.

If you are looking for budget accommodation, bear in mind there are low cost hotels in Dubai. A basic cheap hotel room costs about 250–300 AED, and sometimes less with a bit of hunting around.

You can count how much a Dubai vacation cost will be if you add prices for popular attractions.

A Jeep safari tour in the desert costs 150.00–240.00 AED; a sightseeing tour of Dubai costs 100.00 AED; a tour the city at night on a boat-restaurant with buffet costs 280.00 AED; a helicopter flight over Dubai costs 740.00 AED; visiting the large, beautiful ALMamzar park costs 5.00 AED; visiting Ferrari World, which is located in Abu Dhabi costs 225.00 AED, rides in the park cost 75.00 AED for 10 min; a combined ticket to the Aquarium and Zoo costs 50.00 AED; the ski resort Ski Dubai in the Mall of the Emirates costs 200.00 AED (the ticket includes 2 hours use of skiing equipment).

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